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Following topics are offered:

  • Wind power converter
  • photocoltaics
  • Smart grids
  • electromobility
  • sensor technology
  • Virtual power stations / Storage systems

Project works, Bachelortheses, Seminar papers

  • Comparison of current adjustment procedure for wind power plants
  • Adherence of the grid code for wind power plants
  • Conception and implementation of an evaluation tool for stored GPS- and sensor data of an electric vehicle
  • Analytical consideration of charging processes dependent on the structure of an accumulator
  • Design and layout of a fan for vehicle test benches


  • Generator concepts for wind power plants
  • Programming of an analysis software for measurement data of an electric vehicle test fleet
  • Implementation of a permament magnet synchronous machine model(PMSM) in Matlab/Simulink
  • Comparison of electrical drives with regard to recuperation in an electric vehicle
  • Generation of a battery model for the condition assessement in an electric vehicle
  • Modeling of a planetary gear for a wind power converter as a multi-body system
  • Modeling of a hub with three rotor blades for a wind power converter as a multi-body system

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