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Founded in October 2003, the research team of Power Systems Technology and Power Mechatronics has grown steadily with their projects. In addition to concentrating on the production of usable energy from renewable sources such as wind energy, solar energy or geothermal energy, the research is also concerned with increasing the use of energy from renewable sources and mechatronic challenges including the field of electric vehicles.

Among the challenges in this topic, are not only the electric mobility itself, but also the integration of electric vehicles into the electric distribution grid and the resulting problems. The design, operation and integration of high-power charging stations for electric vehicles is also a research priority.


In addition to the fluctuations in generating renewable energy, there are strong fluctuations in the use of energy. These can occur, inter alia, by mechanical influences, which effect on the system. A well thought-out system electrical and mechanical components can lead to significant improvements over the electrical network as well as against the loads of all mechanical components.


In this topic, the system concept and the associated holistic view of power systems lead is key for designing and developing successful systems.