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Practical Projects

What is a practical project?

The practical project is an opportunity to carry out a project with a practical background during the course of study. The duration of the practical project is set at six weeks and eight credit points are obtained (PO 2013, PO 2020: 450h, 15 credit points). A practical project can also be carried out by several students together, if the individual performances are verifiable. A direct connection to a bachelor thesis is also possible.

What is the purpose of a practical project?

Students acquire on the basis of the practical project:

  • the application of learned technical knowledge,
  • additional expertise according to the respective project-specific task,
  • the independent generation of their own solution strategies,
  • the ability to divide the work and work together in a team (teamwork skills and project organization) and
  • competence with regard to the documentation and presentation of results.

How to apply for a practical project at EneSys?

We would like to ask interested students to apply by email indicating fields of interest (wind energy, mechatronic drive systems and controls, power electronics and power converters, power quality, power conditioning, distributed energy systems, electromobility and transportation systems) and previous knowledge (for example: Programming skills, Matlab/Simulink, of a circuit board design tool, soldering experience, experience with microcontrollers, etc.) to get in touch with the contact persons listed below.

The following contact persons are to be emailed for the different focus areas of the institute:

  • Wind Energy
    M. Sc. Bendedikt Spichartz, b.spichartz@enesys.rub.de
  • Mechatronic Drive Systems and Control
    M.Sc. Katharina G√ľnther, guenther@enesys.rub.de
  • Power Electronics and Power Converters
    M. Sc. Daniel Vahle, vahle@enesys.rub.de
  • Power quality, power conditioning, distributed energy systems
    Dr.-Ing. Johnny Chhor, chhor@enesys.rub.de
  • Electromobility and Transportation Systems
    Dr.-Ing. Philipp Spichartz, p.spichartz@enesys.rub.de

For general questions regarding general organization, evaluation, etc., please contact: Prof. Dr.-Ing Volker Staudt, staudt@enesys.rub.de

All information on practical projects as PDF   (121.8 kB)