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The institute for energy system technology and power mechatronics offers experimental courses and seminars in addition to various lectures. Of course, we also allow students to write their theses on various topics and different degrees. Whether bachelor or master thesis, student research project or project work, we offer students from any course of study the opportunity to write their theses in the field of energy systems engineering and power mechatronics.


The following lectures are offered:

  • Electrical Engineering III - Power Engineering
  • Power Electronics
  • Calculation of Electric Power Distribution Networks
  • Introduction to Electric Mobility
  • Introduction to Power Systems Technology
  • Electric Driver
  • Electric Railways
  • Energy Storage Systems
  • Electrical Power Economics
  • Controlled Power Electronic Actuators
  • Induction Machine Control
  • Mechatronic Drive Symstems
  • Renewable Electric Power Engineering
  • Intelligent networks
  • Electric mobility charging device
  • Controlling uncertainties in transmission network operations

Internships and Seminars

  • Bachelor-Basics Internship Power Engineering
  • Bachelor-Specialisation Internship Electronics
  • Master Internship Power Electronics and Power Systems Technology

  • Bachelor-Specialisation Seminar Electronics
  • Master Seminar Power Electronics and Power Systems Technology
  • Open Master-Seminar Electric Power Engineering

Final Exams

We always offer various topics for all types of Theses and each year of study. Feel free to ask. Find the contact here.

Practical Projects

During the study of electrical engineering not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills can be improved. At EneSys you will find numerous topics in the field of energy systems engineering and power mechatronics. Here you can find all information about the practical project.

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